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Optional Features Mega Articulated Truck Tanks (MAC/MAT)

Optional features are available with most Mega Articulated Truck Tank (MAC/MAT) are subject to change and can vary by the size or type of tank. Availability of features vary by model. Customization available upon request! If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please contact your Mega sales representative at 505-345-2661 or 1-800-345-8889.


DiSCS® Mega Digital Spray Control System

The Mega Digitally Controlled Spray system-DiSCS® is available for prime movers with proportional hoist valves and provides water pump protection from sudden start, sudden stop, and run dry conditions. The enhanced cab control unit has a smaller footprint and is more easily located and installed in the operator compartment. DiSCS® is standard on some models


DiSCS® GPS Speed Sensing

The DiSCS® GPS optional accessory works with the existing Mega spray system hardware which includes water pumps, hydraulic motors, spray heads and DiSCS® electro-hydraulic controls. The option includes a self-contained GPS unit to determine ground speed. The GPS system is universal- there is no special application specific engineering required and the system is not vulnerable to contamination like radar-based systems. (Requires purchase of Mega DiSCS® system.)

Water Cannon

Mega Water Cannon

Mega's water cannons are designed and built to perform in the most severe environments of mining and construction. Capable of any water pressures and flows required for the mobile water equipment industry, Mega's water cannons are ideal for fire suppression, high pressure equipment washing, and most applications that require long-distance, concentrated spray. We offer specialty nozzles!

Download Mega Water Cannon Sourcebook »

Foam Eduction

Mega Foam Eduction System

The Fire Suppression System is an air-aspirated foam eduction system compatible with any class of foam that can be nozzle-aspirated. The system consists of a stainless steel (304 grade) foam concentrate tank, water cannon, and foam eduction nozzle. Our medium-expansion nozzles allow for adjustable foam percentages of 1%, 3%, 6%, and 10%, and possible flow rates of 350, 500, and
750 GPM.

Download Mega Foam Eduction Sytem Sourcebook Section »

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Foam Tank

Mega Foam Tank

The Mega foam tank is mounted externally on the water tank, and is available in a 60 gallon size. Mega's foam system can be ordered as an optional on a new Mega water tank, or purchased as a kit and installed on an existing water tank. (*Option requires the purchase of a Mega Water Cannon.)

Factory Installation

Factory Installation

Mega offers complete factory installation for all models of articulated truck water tanks for both customer-supplied and Mega-supplied chassis. Factory installation includes complete testing prior to delivery. Mega can also provide complete cleaning, painting and detailing of a customer-supplied used chassis if desired.


Self-Loading Capability

Mega MAC/MAT water tanks feature optional self-loading ability via the discharge pump. Unique to Mega is a built in priming reservoir inside the water tank that floods the suction line with water when the valving is switched to load the tank. An auxiliary manual priming pump is also included. Optional suction hoses can be ordered separately.

Corrosion Package

Mega Corrosion Resistant Package

Mega offers solutions to tank and component corrosion caused by the harsh waters often found in mining and landfill environments. Protecting your tank against corrosion adds longevity and dependability to your purchase, tank and spray system.

Vertical Side Spray

Vertical Side Spray

Two spray head valves are mounted on the front quadrant of the tank with external piping for spraying vertical fans of water. This spray is suitable for spraying hill sides, piles, and berms.

Swivel Coupling

Swivel Couplings on Rear Spray Bar

The standard Mega MAC/MAT rear spray bar incorporates three or four Genuine Mega spray head valves. Each spray head rotates 360 degrees horizontally to adjust water spray fan direction. Optional swivels on each spray head allow for vertical spray direction adjustment for MAC 7, 8 & 9 only.

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Front Bumper

Front Bumper Spray Kit

The front bumper spray is commonly utilized to ?sweep? a surface with high pressure fans of water. Spray heads are mounted to spray from both sides of the tractor. The spray heads are fully adjustable for vertical and horizontal directions. The location of the spray bar allows the cab hood to fully tilt and open for engine service. *This item is available by special request.

Fog to Stream Nozzle

Adjustable Fog-Stream Nozzle

Hydraulically adjustable, variable fog pattern, stream reaches 46m (150 feet). This option requires the purchase of the Water Cannon option. If the adjustable fog-stream
nozzle option is not available for selection, please select the required option from a previous page.

Anti Siphon

Anti-Siphon Fill Pipe

The anti-siphon fill pipe is used with any pressurized water source. It is specifically designed to accommodate municipal water systems and fire hydrants requiring an air gap to prevent water siphoning back into the supply.

Dump Bar

Dump Bar

A dump bar (sometimes called a ?drip? or ?dribble bar?) is a horizontally arranged 102 mm (4 in.) diameter steel pipe that is drilled along its bottom center line with rows of holes. The dump bar can be either pressurized or non-pressurized. Pressurized dump bars spray penetrating jets of water directly onto the ground surface the width of the tank. Non-pressurized dump bars are gravity fed directly from the bottom of the water tank.

Drain Valve

Drain Valve

The quick dump option is a large drain located at the bottom rear of the tank. This option is available either manually or hydraulic remote actuated for MAC 5 and 6 as 101 mm/4 inch diameter and for MAC 7 and 8 a 203 mm/8 inch diameter.


Hose Reel

Hose reels installed on Mega MAC models include high quality rubber water hose and an adjustable fog to stream nozzle. Hose reels come in various sizes and are available in either manual or hydraulic rewind. *Sizes vary by model.

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Conical Fill

Conical Fill Port

The Mega conical fill port is funnel shaped from 1676 mm (66 inch) diameter to 914 mm (36 inch) diameter standing 610 mm (24 inches) tall. This allows for easier location of the water fill pipe sock over the main fill port of the tank. *Adds 279 mm (11 inches) to overall height of the vehicle. This optional feature does not ship installed on kit tanks.

Intermittent Spray

Intermittent Spray Package

Intermittent spray is a spray control option on the cab control console that allows for independent spray-on and spray-off timing when wet/dry strip watering is desired. When activated the intermittent spray control will automatically actuate any spray head that is turned on. *This Option is Standard with the DiSCS? system.

Camera Relocation

Camera Relocation

Mounting bracket and cable to relocate camera from the prime mover to the
water tank.

Fall Protection

Fall Protection Tie-Off Points

Multiple D-ring style fall protection tie-off points welded to top of tank.

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Magnesium Anodes

Magnesium Anodes

Magnesium anodes mounted in tank to help minimize corrosion.

QCCP Quick Change Component Package

QCCP-Quick Change Component Package

The quick change component package provides the end user with specific operation critical parts for the Mega water tank spray system. Having these parts on hand can reduce downtime by eliminating wait time for acquiring replacement parts. These kit parts can be customized to an end user's needs and water tank fleet. Contact your Mega dealer for complete parts kit list details or contact your Mega sales representative at 1-800-345-8889 for more information.

Additional Tech Manuals

Additional Technical Manuals

Additional sets of manuals are available for purchase. Each Mega water tank includes a set of the following manuals: operators manual, maintenance manual, illustrated parts breakdown, field installation manual with service drawings & schematics, maintenance inspection schedules & recommended spare parts manual. Additional sets of manuals are available for purchase by calling Mega Parts Sales.

Download our online manuals»

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