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Standard Features Mega Articulated Truck Tanks (MAC/MAT)

These standard features are available with most Mega Articulated Truck Tanks (MAC/MAT) and are subject to change and can vary by the size or type of tank. Availability of features vary by model. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please contact your Mega sales representative at 505-345-2661 or 1-800-345-8889.

Spray Head

Mega Hydraulic Spray Head Valves

Mega hydraulic spray head valves utilizes a custom-made, high quality, heavy-duty, double-acting hydraulic cylinder to open and close the valve portion of the spray head. This spray head is suitable for any heavy equipment prime mover, and requires a hydraulic solenoid spray control system.

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Water Pump

Mega Water Pumps

The heart of the Mega spray system is the Mega water pump. The water pump is powered by the vehicle's hydraulic system. Mega spray controls ensure proper integration with the chassis' hydraulic system and ECM. Oil is returned into the truck oil filtration and cooling system.

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Cab Control

Mega Cab Control

For the most demanding mining and construction environments we provide the Mega hydraulic spray control system. The cab control module operates our Mega proprietary hydraulic solenoid spray control module that individually actuates all spray head valves and water valves. The spray control system operates independently from the water pump drive circuit. The solenoid module is housed in a weather tight steel housing. Mega fully supports these systems with spare parts and full time Product Support.

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Water Level Gauge

Water Level Gauges

There are two electronic water level gauges, one in the cab control module inside the cab and the other on the solenoid control module mounted on the tank for easy viewing while filling.

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Direct Pin

Direct Pin Mounting With Line-Bored Holes

Mega MAC tanks pin directly to the rear pivot mounts of the truck chassis. Line boring the rear pivot mounts ensures accurate direct pin installation of the tank. Mega ADT tanks do not require welding to the frame. New pivot pins and shims are supplied with the tank.

Flexible Mounting

Flexible Tank Mounting

The truck chassis is allowed to flex beneath the spring type front mounting tie downs. No welding is required to install these mounts.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Alkyd Enamel Paint

All Mega tanks are fully abrasive blasted prior to application of heavy anti-corrosive prime paint then top coated with customer choice of one color. Tank color is most often matched to the tractor color. Custom coatings and graphics are available upon request.


LED Lighting & Utility Lights

All clearance, stop, and tail lighting on Mega tanks are LED type for long life and low maintenance. Two work lights are mounted on the rear bulkhead of the tank beneath water shedders. The lights are controlled by switches in the cab control.


Ladder and Hand Rails

All Mega tanks include an access ladder to the top of the tank. Our standard ladder features tread grip rungs for a sure footed grip and hand rails at the top of the ladder for ease of access to the top of the tank. Optional customized safety railing is available upon request to meet your exact requirements (extra charges may apply).

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Fill Port

Fill Port With Safety Grate

A bolt-in trash screen safety grate is included in the main fill port. Conical shaped fill ports, custom locations, and custom design fill ports are available as optional equipment. *MAC/MAT 5 and 6 have additional access ports.

Rear Spray Bar

Rear Spray Bar With 3 or 4 Spray Heads

The rear spray bar is designed to fully utilize the capability of the water pump. Our MAC 5 & 6 features 3 hydraulically actuated Mega spray head valves in which the two outer spray heads include swivel couplings. Our MAC 7, 8 & 9 models feature 4 hydraulically actuated Mega Spray Heads (with no swivel couplings).

Oil Cooler

Oil to Air Heat Exchanger

Mega MAC kits for articulated truck tanks include a hydraulic oil cooler to prevent overheating during extended water pump operation. This eliminates the risk of hydraulic system contamination which is associated with competitive systems that utilize oil-to-water heat exchangers.

Tech Manual

Technical Manuals

Each Mega water tank includes a complete set of the following manuals: operators manual, maintenance manual, illustrated parts breakdown, field installation manual with service drawings & schematics, maintenance inspection schedules & recommended spare parts manual. Additional sets of manuals are available for purchase by calling Mega Parts Sales.

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Mud Flaps

Mud flaps fore and aft of rear drive tires are standard equipment on all Mega MAC tanks.

Mega Warranty

Mega Warranty & Product Support

Mega protects your investment by providing a full one year warranty with unlimited hours against defects in materials and workmanship. Mega's product support team provides full-time technical support including online parts sales which includes an after-hours emergency parts service, on-site field assistance & training. Mega product support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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