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A Low Cost Water Pump

Berkeley B-3 & B-3Z Water Pumps

The Berkeley B-3 and the B-3Z frame water pump is likely the most commonly used water pump in the mobile water tank industry. Mega maintains a stock of replacement water pumps and repair parts for the B-3 and B-3Z series pumps. As a Berkeley dealer for over 30 years, we are well versed in all technical aspects of this and other Berkeley open centrifugal water pumps. Can't find what you need? Please give our Mega Parts Sales Team a call.

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302001buy now

Berkeley B-3 Splined Shaft/Direct Moter Mount, CW
Part No. 302001

This open centrifugal water pump has a direct motor mount and a splined shaft.

300049buy now

Berkeley B-3Z Keyed Shaft, CW
Part No. 300049

Berkeley standard open centrifugal water pump with direct motor mount.