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Learn to Optimize Your Water Usage



We Help You Optimize Your Water Usage Methods and Equipment

The Hazards of Overwatering


Recently, overwatering of mine haul roads has been the subject of increased study by mine planning and safety personnel. Many mines have improved their efficiency, lowered resource and equipment maintenance costs, and improved the safety of their working conditions by employing water conservation practices.


Overwatering of roadways decreases tire traction (skid resistance), increases brake time, destabilizes fill slopes, and hastens erosion, all of which place the haulage truck operators at a much higher risk for potentially haulage accidents. In wet road conditions, haulage trucks cannot stop as quickly as on dry roads, and forceful application of brakes can easily result in the truck skidding out of control and colliding with safety berms. Additionally, standing water can soften road bases, potentially leading to washouts and collapsing of fill sections and slopes.

Water Waste

Water conservation is extremely important, particularly in drier climates where water is already a scarce and precious resource. Many governments have implemented strict regulations concerning water usage, and require mines to develop and adhere to a water conservation plan. These areas include (but are not limited to) South Africa (through the Department of Water Affairs), California (through the California Department of Conservation), Texas (through the Texas Administrative Code Title 30, Chapter 288), and most regions and cities in Australia.

Labor and Resources

In order to maintain overwatered, eroding haul roads, the roads must be serviced and repaired more frequently, at the cost of resources and man-hours. The heavier a water truck’s spray is, the quicker its tank is emptied. This is perhaps the most obvious consequence of overwatering. When using too much water, water trucks are required to return to water fill stations more often, wasting both fuel and man-hours as well as subjecting the over-watered roads to heavier traffic.

Tire Wear

A haul road in good, safe condition will have a compacted top layer of fine, cushioning particles protecting tires from the larger, coarse, sharp rocks below. Overwatering erodes away this protective top layer, subjecting tires to severe wear by the exposed coarse rocks. Not only is this costly in terms of tire replacement, but also in terms of production rates and man-hours—a grader must resurface the road in order to repair it, and the road cannot be used by haul trucks during this time.


Normal Haul Road Overwatered Haul Road

How Mega Can Help

In order to optimize water distribution efficiency, many environmental factors must be considered. The composition of the road, the grade of the slope, the temperature and humidity of the air, and the desired water coverage must all be taken into account. If your spray heads cannot be adjusted for these conditions, it will be nearly impossible to avoid either over-watering or under-watering, thereby wasting time and resources in the process. No other tank company has the depth of experience and staff expertise available to serve our customers that Mega offers. Contact our Product Support Department to see how we can help you improve your water spray applications.

Mega Water Optimization

At Mega we understand that our most precious natural resources are limited. Water conservation is essential for reducing waste and for safe road conditions, which is why we emphasize efficient water usage methods and equipment.