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Mega Water Cannon, Hydraulic, Remote

The stainless steel Mega Hydraulic Water Cannon is compatible with electro-hydraulic systems that have a 24 VDC power source available. The Water Cannon is directed by a hydraulic control valve,which receives command signals from the Mega cab control system joystick. The hydraulic water cannon is rated for up to 450 psi hydraulic pressure, 200 psi water pressure, and has a reach of up to 200 ft/61m at 750 gpm (using the straight bore nozzle and stream shaper).
  • Stainless steel
  • 450 PSI Drive Motors
  • 2.5 inch waterway
  • Severe duty construction
  • Wear resistant polymer bearings
  • Heavy duty shafts & gears.
  • Part Number: 304952
  • Category: Monitors and Monitor Parts
  • Qty Available: 10

  • $8,595.00

Parts Breakdown

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