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Field Service Bulletins-(FSB)

The Field Service Bulletin-FSB are designed to inform customers of potential equipment issues and suggestions to improve operations specific to MEGA equipment and applications. Field Service Bulletins are not readily available for download since they are mostly serial specific. In order to serve you better please contact the Product Support team for specific FSB information at 1-800-345-8889.






FSB-1 MTT CAT 700 Series Hoist Valve Solenoid Coil 04/18/2007
FSB-2 MTT CAT 700-740 Series Hydraulic BFV Operation 04/19/2007
FSB-3 MTT 7 John Deere 300D MTT7 Heat Exchanger By-Pass & Hydraulic Compensator 07/23/2008
FSB-4 MTT 7 John Deere 300D MTT7 Pneumatic Spray System 07/28/2008
FSB-5 MTT 7 John Deere 300D MTT7 Hydraulic System Modification 09/15/2008
FSB-6 MPT12 Mega Portable Tank Lower Brace Plate Modification 03/24/2009
FSB-7 Spray Head Hydraulic Spray Systems Hydraulic Spray Head Modification 05/05/2009
FSB-8 Water Pumps All Mega Installed Water Pumps Water Pump Operating Limits 05/05/2009
FSB-9 MMP4 Mega Mobile Pump Water Pump Oil Level Modification & Scheduled Maintenance Update 11/04/2009
FSB-10 MMP4 Mega Mobile Pump Hydraulic System Modification 12/02/2009
FSB-11 MTT, MSC, MAC Hydraulic Spray System Hydraulic Control Box Modification 12/02/2009
FSB-12 MMP4 Mega Mobile Pump Revised MMP4 Maintenance Schedule 12/02/2009
FSB-13 MTT, MSC, MST, MAC & MWT LED TAIL LIGHTS MEGA LED Tail Light Module Lamp Upgrade 07/28/2010
FSB-14 MTT13 MTT13 CAT 7773(F) Pivot Joint Upgrade 06/20/2010
FSB-15 MTT All MTT's Over Rotation Limit Indicators 11/01/2011
FSB-16 MTT20 MTT20-CAT777(B-G) Lift Cylinder Pressure Relief Manifold 06/05/2012
FSB-17 MMP4 Tier 4 MMP4's Water Pump Activation Button Assembly Modification 06/25/2012
FSB-18 MTT13/15 MTT13/15-CAT773/775 (C-G) Lift Cylinder Pressure Relief Manifold 08/30/2012
FSB-19 Serial Specific All DiSCS built and shipped prior to 1-15-2013 DiSCS water level sensor update 02/06/2013
FSB-20 MES34 MES34 machines shipped prior to March 2014 Floor Link and Rear Trailing Axle
Gusset Modifications
FSB-21 MAC/MAT, MTT/MWT, MSC/MST DiSCS Gen 1.0 water tanks shipped before Aug. 2014 DiSCS Electronic Response Enhancement 07/21/2014
CAT 621H
MSC/MST8 CAT 621H with fuel tanks in the draft tube Fuel Level Sensor Update
FSB-23 MAC5 CAT725 MAC6 CAT730 Oil-to-Water Heat Exchanger Hydraulic Oil Heat Exchanger Update 03/16/2015
FSB-24 MFT Mega Fuel Tank Parts Update for MFT-Mega Fuel Tank MFT Component Replacement and Testing 01/28/2015
FSB-25 MST8DT Serial Specific CAT 621K and CAT 621H CAT 621H/K MST8DT Lift Cylinder Inspection and Pressure Adjustment 03/10/2015
FSB-26 MBD Mega Bottom Dump Trailer Job Number 34053. Mega Bottom Dump Trailer Repair 06/02/2015
FSB-27 MOH4 MOH4 CAT CT660 water trucks with serial numbers: 86624, 86660 MOH4 CAT CT660 Front Bumper SHV 06/25/2012
FSB-28 MOH4 All MOH4 CAT 660 trucks shipped prior to October 2015. MOH4 Cab Control Relay 09/16/2015
FSB-29 MAC 8 MAC water tanks with DiSCS system installed on serial specific HM400-3 and HM400-5 trucks. HM400 PNC Valve Configuration 06/25/2015