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Mega Container Carrier Technnical Manuals

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The MCC Mega Container Carrier technical manual contains information required to safely operate the MCC system
when installed on the CAT 735.

The -1 Operators manual is available for download (below) and the -4 Field Installation Manual are available by
purchase only through Parts Sales.



The Mega Operator’s manual contains information required to safely operate Mega equipment. This includes system descriptions, normal operating procedures, equipment limitations, best practices, performance specs, and operator's checklists.


5 AUG 2010



Mega's field installation manual contains detailed, tank-specific, illustrated installation instructions. Every field installation manual also includes engineering drawings specific to your tank serial number to aid in the installation process. Field Installation Manuals are available for purchase by specific tank serial number.

Please contact Parts Sales to order.

See list of available specific -4 Field Installation Manuals.

Check back often for the latest additions and updates.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.