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Mega History

Developing and Manufacturing Premium Products for Over 40 Years

In 1976 a pair of entrepreneurs, Mack Sons and Bill Schlegel, founded a small construction and mining equipment manufacturing company in Albuquerque, New Mexico – the company known today as Mega Corp.

In the early 70’s, Bill Schlegel and Mack Sons were employees of WW Steel, a steel fabricator in Albuquerque. Bill was a salesman and Mack was the shop foreman. As mining and home construction was booming in the arid southwest, Bill and Mack recognized an opportunity to manufacture water haulage equipment and spray systems for dust control and compaction. Their initial success in this business came through sales of water tanks and converted scraper “water pulls” while still with WW Steel. By 1976 they had left WW Steel and formed their own business - Magnum Industries. 

Under their direction, Magnum expanded its range of water haulage equipment to cover the entire spectrum of both on and off-highway applications. Magnum’s success was attributable to creating and manufacturing high-value, premium products.  Bill and Mack ran a lean operation, selling their products through OEM equipment dealers and standing behind what they built. These principles still define Mega today.

In 1980, Bill and Mack sold Magnum and pursued other business opportunities.  In 1983, a group of investors led by Bill Schlegel and Jack Rust, owner of Rust Tractor, the Caterpillar dealer in New Mexico, re-purchased Magnum and Bill returned as company president. Jack and Bill changed the name to Mega Corp. Inc. and continued to grow the business and set the stage for what it is today. Among the earliest Magnum products were 5,000 gallon tanks integrated with Caterpillar 613 scraper tractors and 8,000 gallon tanks installed on Caterpillar 769 trucks. In 1984, Mega added coal haulers and bottom-dump haulers to the product line. The first coal hauler, an 85 ton trailer combined with a Euclid tractor, was delivered to a dealer in Longview, Texas.

In the mid-90’s, Bill’s son Randy joined the company as vice president and later became a partner with Jack and Bill. In 2001, Bill formally retired and Randy became president of Mega Corp. Upon Jack's retirement in 2006, Bill and Randy purchased Jack’s portion of the business. Under Randy’s guidance, Mega recruited a new leadership team with considerable experience in the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of mobile equipment for the construction and mining markets. In 2006, Jim Kunz became General Manager, and later President, of Mega and continued to grow the company’s product portfolio and geographic markets. He became a partner with Bill and Randy in 2007.

Today, Mega manufactures a full line of water distribution equipment, service bodies, and specialty haulage equipment designed for use with articulated trucks, rigid-frame trucks and wheel tractor scrapers from leading manufacturers. Mega employs approximately 100 people at its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the USA, and also manufactures products with partners in Chile, Colombia, South Africa, India and Australia.

Mega continues to develop new products and new markets around the world. Our products are among the most recognized in the industry and our company is known for manufacturing high quality, well-designed products with outstanding application knowledge and technical support.