Electro-Hydraulic Spray System

Electro-Hydraulic Spray System

Mega's Electro-Hydraulic spray control system is designed to promote water conservation and safety by providing adjustable, time-based spray applications. This system can control up to six spray heads, three butterfly valve-operated functions, and is pre-wired to support foam-agent systems. Electro-Hydraulic kits can be installed on any off-highway water distribution equipment or upgrade older pneumatic systems on 24VDC hydraulic trucks.

The electro-hydraulic spray system includes the following standard features. Specifications may vary by model. For additional information, please contact our Equipment Sales, Parts Sales or Product Support Teams.

Electrical Control KitThe control integration kit provides the electrical harnesses necessary to control chassis and Mega-provided components. The kit also includes standoffs, LED work lights, mounting and connection hardware. Tractor integration interface components are sold separately.

Hydraulic Hose KitThe Mega hydraulic hose kit provides all necessary hose and fittings to connect the electro-hydraulic system to the hydraulic oil supply and valves. Additional fittings may be required for some prime movers.

Operator Control Mounting KitThis kit includes a mounting pedestal and installation hardware. Pedestals may be adjustable or fixed depending on the truck model. Installation may require slight modifications to console panels and fabrication of an adapter bracket.

Operator Spray ControlsMega's electro-hydraulic operator controls include a water cannon joystick, built-in water level indicator and electrical harnesses, and support all available spray control functions.

Distance-Based Spraying (Checkerboard)

Distance-Based Spraying (Checkerboard)
Alternating intermittent watering patterns reduces water consumption and ensures one steering tire and one drive tire remain on a dry surface.


Speed-Based Spraying (Continous Coverage)

Speed-Based Spraying (Continous Coverage)
Sequence-based intermittent spray system operation uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to vary the amount of water flow while maintaining a continuous rate of water application, independent of speed.


Time Based Spraying (Banding)
Operator adjustable, full width, intermittent wet/dry pattern.


Time Based Spraying Banding

Manual Spraying
The system can be operated manually.

The DiSCS solenoid control box is a stainless steel, weather resistant, sealed enclosure built to withstand the harshest environments found in mining and construction. Features of our Genuine Mega control box include:

Consolidated hydraulic systemConsolidated hydraulic system with centralized solenoid and wiring assemblies provides easy access to coils and spools.

Externally-mounted filter Externally-mounted filter which provides protection for the hydraulic control valves.

Logic Control ModuleEasily accessible logic control module for programming and diagnostics.

Durable Wiring HarnessDurable wiring harness with Deutsch® connections and fuse protection. Harness includes pre-wired functions
for easy plug-and-play of additional functions.

Technical ManualsMega provides a complete set of technical manuals detailing installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and replacement parts. Additional manuals are available for purchase. Visit our Technical Manuals Page for more information.

Water Level Indicator KitKit includes weld-on boss, water level sensor, communication cable and mounting hardware.

Mega's proprietary spray control software provides protections to extend the service life of your water pump.

Soft Start/Stop

Soft Start/Stop
Controlled starts and stops increase the service life of the drive motor and water pump.

Your electro-hydraulic spray system can be configured with these optional features. Availability and specifications may vary by model. For additional information, please contact our Equipment Sales, Parts Sales or Product Support Teams.

Butterfly ValvesMega's severe-duty butterfly valves are designed for dependable operation. Valves are available in three and four inch diameters for use with dump bars, as well as four and eight inch diameters for use with drain applications.

Foam Agent SystemThe Mega foam agent system provides an effective fire suppression solution for construction and mining environments. Foam agent tanks are available in 60, 120 and 200 gallon capacities and are designed to be mounted externally on top of the water tank. The foam agent system includes reservoir with sight gauges, mounting brackets and hardware, supply hose, shut-off valve, and ground-level fill. Water cannon and foam nozzle are sold separately.

Hose Reel KitMega hose reel kits include hose reel and hose, nozzle, supply valve, feed nipple, mounting plate and hardware. Available hose reels options include:

  • 50 feet x 1 inch Manual Hose Reel Kit
  • 50 feet x 1.5 inch Manual Hose Reel Kit
  • 100 feet x 1.5 inch Manual Hose Reel Kit
  • 50 feet x 1.5 inch Hydraulic Hose Reel
  • 100 feet x 1.5 inch Hydraulic Hose Reel
  • 100 feet x 1 inch Spring-Rewind Hose Reel Kit

Hydraulic Oil Cooler KitSome articulated trucks may require the hydraulic oil cooler kit to provide enhanced hydraulic system cooling. The kit includes oil cooler, mounting brackets, hydraulic hoses, fittings and hardware.

NozzlesMega offers a variety of spray nozzles for water and foam applications:

  • Straight Stream Nozzle 1 Inch Inlet
  • Straight Stream Nozzle 1.5 Inch Inlet
  • Metal Stream Shaper (for Straight Nozzles)
  • Adjustable Fan-Stream Nozzle (Hydraulic)
  • Adjustable Fog-Stream Foam Nozzle (Hydraulic)

On-site Technical AssistanceThe Mega Product Support team offers on-site technical assistance, service advice and training to facilitate installation and reduce field assembly and component repair time.

Spray Head ValvesMega offers high-quality hydraulic spray head valves in aluminum and stainless steel. Valves include base plates.

Technical TrainingMega offers customized technical training that covers equipment operation and maintenance. This service is available on-site or remotely.

Tractor Integration KitThe tractor integration kit includes hoses, fittings, manifolds and components required for tank integration with your specific truck model.

Water Cannon KitThe water cannon kit includes water cannon with stainless steel waterways, joystick control, butterfly valve, solenoid group, hoses, flanges and mounting hardware.

Mega water cannons are designed and built to perform in the most severe environments of mining and construction. Our water cannons are ideal for fire suppression, high pressure equipment washing, and applications requiring long-distance or adjustable spray patterns.

Water Pump Drive Motor AssemblyMega's water pump drive motor assembly includes a high performance M Series carbon steel water pump, drive motor, flow control bypass assembly, mounts and hardware.

M4 series water pumps are available in corrosion resistant and fully stainless steel options.