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MAC Tanks for John Deere Trucks

Mega manufactures a complete line of water tanks for John Deere articulated prime movers. These are available for dealer installation or with Mega factory installation. Every tank includes a complete set of technical manuals detailing installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and replacement parts. Mega tanks are constructed with premium materials and are inspected throughout the manufacturing process to produce the best water tanks and spray systems available.

Please contact our Mega Sales Team regarding shipping information and models not listed.

Mega Model Nominal Capacity Prime Mover Chassis Configuration
MAC5 19,000 liters / 5,000 gallons 250 Standard Wheelbase
MAC5 19,000 liters / 5,000 gallons 260 Standard Wheelbase
MAC6 23,000 liters / 6,000 gallons 300 Standard Wheelbase
MAC6 23,000 liters / 6,000 gallons 310 Standard Wheelbase
MAC7 27,000 liters / 7,000 gallons 370 Standard Wheelbase
MAC8 30,000 liters / 8,000 gallons 400 Standard Wheelbase
MAC9 34,000 liters / 9,000 gallons 410 Standard Wheelbase
MAC9 34,000 liters / 9,000 gallons 460 Standard Wheelbase

MAC tanks include the following standard features. Specifications may vary by model. For additional information, contact our Mega Sales Team.

Access Ladder with Hand RailsMega tanks include an access ladder to the top of the tank. Our standard ladder features tread grip rungs for a sure-footed grip and hand rails at the top of the ladder allowing safe access to the top of the tank.

Access Ports To Internal Tank Access ports provide additional access to the interior of the tank beyond the standard access provided through the fill port. This provides multiple points of access to internal tank compartments and includes internal ladder rungs on both sides of tank. Availability varies by model.

Access Manways Through The Baffles Of TankLarger Mega tanks include banded access manways through the main transverse baffles of the tank.

Anti-Surge Baffling SystemOur anti-surge baffling provides the most stable, low profile tank on the market today. Mega tank designs focus on safety, performance, and durability to ensure load stability and standard machine handling are maintained. Mega collaborates with equipment manufacturers to match ROPS, braking, and chassis load ratings. This increases chassis life and reduces maintenance costs.

Camera Relocation Mounting ProvisionA camera mounting bracket to relocate the camera from the truck to the water tank.

Direct Pin Mounting With Line-Bored HolesMega tanks pin directly to the rear pivot mounts of the truck chassis. Line boring the rear pivot mounts ensures accurate direct pin installation of the tank. Mega tanks do not require welding to the frame. New pivot pins and shims are supplied with the tank.

Mega Water Tank Exterior PaintMega tanks are abrasive blasted prior to application of anti-corrosive primer. The exterior top coat is color matched to the current manufacturers color.

External Water LinesWaterways feeding front spray and appliances are external to the tank.

Fill Port with Safety Grate and Anti-Skid WalkwayThe standard fill port includes a bolt-in safety grate. For safer access to the fill port, an anti-skid walkway is provided. The walkway extends from the access ladder on the front bulkhead to the fill port.

Flexible Front Mounting Allows Chassis To FlexThe truck chassis is allowed to flex beneath the spring type front mounting tie downs. No welding is required to install these mounts.

Hydraulic Oil CoolerMega includes a hydraulic oil cooler on most equipment to prevent overheating during extended water pump operation which reduces the risk of hydraulic system failure.

Check out our Hydraulic Integration Video featuring the Hydraulic Oil Cooler.

Hydraulic Spray Control SystemThe Mega hydraulic spray system with intermittent spray provides independent control of all spray nozzles and valving with the dependability of hydraulic actuation. The solenoid control module is mounted inside a weatherproof steel housing mounted on the front bulkhead of the tank.

Internal Water Lines Internal piping supplies water to the water cannon. External piping feeds other water distribution functions.

LED Lighting and Utility LightsAll clearance, stop, and tail lights on Mega tanks are LED for long life and low maintenance. Two work lights are mounted on the rear bulkhead of the tank beneath water shedders. The lights are controlled by switches on the cab control.

M3 Series High Performance Water PumpThe Mega M3 series heavy-duty water pump features a direct bolt-on hydraulic motor mount and steel splined coupling to simplify drive motor connection. Heavy-duty shaft and dual bearing design provide long life and high water output for superior spray pattern and water cannon performance.

M4 Series High Performance Water PumpThe Mega M4 series high performance water pump features direct bolt-on hydraulic motor mount and steel splined coupling to simplify drive motor connection. The M4 pumps are available in standard cast iron, corrosion-resistant models with stainless steel waterways, and fully stainless steel.

Mud flaps Fore and Aft Of Rear Drive TiresMud flaps fore and aft of rear drive tires are standard equipment on all Mega tanks.

Mega Provides A One-Year WarrantyMega protects your investment by providing a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Extended warranties are available for purchase. Visit our Warranty Page for more information.

Rear Spray Bar With Spray Head ValvesThe rear spray bar is designed to fully utilize the capability of the water pump and features three or four spray head valves. With the three spray head configuration the center head acts as the primary sprayer while the two outboard swiveling heads act as supplemental spray for soaking and side spray. The four spray head configuration does not swivel. The standard rear spray bar is constructed of carbon steel pipe. Optional stainless steel spray bars and spray heads are available.

Mega Water Tanks Include Technical ManualsMega water tanks include a complete set of technical manuals detailing installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and replacement parts. Additional manuals are available for purchase. Visit our Technical Manuals Page for more information.

Water Level IndicatorThere are two water level indicators, one on the DiSCS® cab control keypad, and the other on the solenoid control module mounted on the tank for easy viewing while filling.

Your standard MAC tank can be configured with these optional features. Availability and specifications may vary by model. For additional information, contact our Mega Sales Team.

Additional Technical ManualsAdditional sets of manuals are available for purchase. Mega water tanks include a complete set of technical manuals detailing installation, operation, maintenance, inspection and replacement parts. Visit our Technical Manuals Page for more information.

Adjustable Fan Or Fog Stream Nozzles Allow Adjustable Stream PatternsRemote control hydraulic fan or fog stream nozzles allow adjustable stream patterns for use with Mega water cannons.

Anti-Siphon Fill PipeThe anti-siphon fill pipe is used with any pressurized water source. It is specifically designed to accommodate municipal water systems and fire hydrants requiring an air gap to prevent water siphoning back into the supply.

Cable To Relocate CameraAn extension cable to relocate your camera from the truck to the water tank.

Conical Fill PortThe conical fill port allows for easier positioning of the water fill source over the main fill port of the tank.

Corrosion Resistant PackageThe Corrosion Resistant package protects against tank and component corrosion caused by the harsh waters often found in mining, construction, and landfill environments. Protecting your tank against corrosion adds longevity and dependability to your tank and spray system. The package includes:

  • Stainless steel spray bar
  • Stainless steel spray head valves
  • Corrosion resistant Mega M4 water pump with stainless steel waterways
  • Stainless steel internal piping
  • Stainless steel solenoid control module enclosure mounted on front bulkhead of tank

DiSCS-Digital Spray Control SystemMega DiSCS®provides precise application of water spray using CAN bus and logic control technology to operate the spray control system. DiSCS® provides control of all water distribution systems. GPS sensing within DiSCS® automatically regulates the amount of water spray applied relative to vehicle ground speed or distance traveled. This system also provides water pump system protection against operator-induced sudden starts and stops, low water level and overheating due to extended water pump operation.

Drain ValveThe quick dump drain valve option is a large drain located at the bottom rear of the tank. This option is available with manual or hydraulic remote actuation.

Hydraulically-Actuated Dump BarsMega offers two hydraulically-actuated dump bars. Mega's pressurized dump bar sprays penetrating jets of water directly onto the ground. The gravity dump bar is fed directly from the bottom of the water tank and may be used with the water pump turned off to reduce water flow and pressure.

Complete Factory InstallationMega offers complete factory installation for articulated truck tanks for both customer-supplied and Mega-provided tractors. Factory installation includes complete testing prior to delivery.

Fall Protection Tie-Off PointsMultiple fall protection, D-ring style tie-off points are welded to the top of tank.

Foam Agent SystemThe Mega foam agent tank is mounted externally on the top of the water tank. The foam agent tank size varies by model. Mega’s foam agent fire suppression system can be ordered as an option on a new Mega water tank or as a retro kit for installation on an existing water tank.

Front Bumper SprayThe front bumper spray is commonly used to “sweep” a surface with high pressure fans of water. Spray heads are mounted to spray from both sides of the tractor. The spray heads are fully adjustable for vertical and horizontal directions. The location of the spray bar allows the cab hood to fully tilt and open for engine service. Front bumper spray may restrict cab access. Note: This item is available by special request.

Hose Reel Installed on Mega Water TankHose reels installed on Mega tanks include a high quality water hose and an adjustable fog to stream nozzle. Hose reels come in various sizes and are available with manual, spring, or hydraulic rewind. Sizes vary by model.

Interior Coatings Epoxy or UrethaneMega tanks are abrasive blasted prior to the application of the interior coating. The epoxy lining is well suited for harsh, acidic, alkaline, and salty waters. Urethane lining is very effective in normal to salty waters. Coating data sheet and MSDS available upon request.

Magnesium Anodes Placed Inside Tank CompartmentsMagnesium anodes are placed in each tank compartment to reduce corrosion of the tank interior.

On-site Technical AssistanceThe Mega Product Support team offers on-site technical assistance, service advice and training to facilitate installation and reduce field assembly and component repair time.

Quick Change Components Package-QCCPQuick change component packages provide specific operation-critical parts for the Mega water tank spray system. Stocking critical parts reduces downtime by eliminating delays related to acquiring replacement parts. QCCP kits are designed specifically for each tank configuration.

Stainless Steel Spray HeadsThe Mega stainless steel hydraulic spray head valve is engineered for use in the most severe environments. The stainless steel hydraulic spray head valve is interchangeable with the Mega aluminum hydraulic spray head valve. Mega hydraulic spray head valve are actuated by a stainless steel, double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

Suction LoadingSuction loading provides tanks with self-loading ability via the discharge pump priming reservoir or a separate, self-priming water pump. Suction loading is used to fill the tank from a natural or man-made reservoir. Discharge pump configurations include an auxiliary manual priming pump, and require customer-provided suction hose. Self-priming pump configurations include storage tubes and hose.

Swivel Couplings on Rear Spray BarOptional swivel couplings allow for vertical spray direction adjustment. Each spray head rotates horizontally to adjust water spray fan direction.

Vertical Side Spray Located On Top Of Water TankTwo spray head valves are mounted on the front quadrant of the tank for spraying vertical fans of water.

Mega Water CannonMega water cannons are designed and built to perform in the most severe environments of mining and construction. Our water cannons are ideal for fire suppression, high pressure equipment washing, and applications requiring long-distance or adjustable spray patterns.