parts technical literature

Parts Technical Literature

Parts Technical Literature

Mega product components are designed for durability and performance. Find detailed product technical information and specifications by component, or download the full Mega Sourcebook.

Mega high performance spray head valves (SHV) combine a water control valve and fully adjustable fan spray nozzle to produce a flat, dense variable spray pattern. Mega SHVs are available with hydraulic or pneumatic activation, in aluminum and stainless steel models to accommodate any heavy equipment application.

Mega water pumps are the product of over 35 years of experience and constant improvement. Mega M Series pumps are designed specifically for heavy equipment use, and provide the industry's best perormance in harshest environments. We also offer several widely-used Berkely water pumps for the convenience of our customers.

Mega’s water cannons are designed and built to perform in the most severe environments of mining and construction. Mega cannons are ideal for fire suppression, high pressure equipment washing, and applications that require long-distance, concentrated spray. We offer water cannons for use with both electric and electro-hydraulic systems, as well as a manually-operated water cannon for use where no power is available.

Mega carries a full line of severe-duty butterfly valves (BFV) to support all of our products. Purchase butterfly valves online on our parts page.

Mega’s spray control systems provide the best combination of performance and reliability in the industry, and can be adapted for use with virtually any truck or water tank. Mega’s digital spray control system (DiSCS) is standard in most new equipment. We also offer electro-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic and manual pneumatic spray control systems.

Mega offers both electric and hydraulic hose reel assemblies built to withstand the harsh environments of the heavy mining and construction industries, perfect for equipment wash down and fire suppression. Our assemblies are bolt-on for easy installation and maintenance, and are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit any prime mover-mounted tank.