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The Genuine Mega Difference

Mega Corp. has been building high quality equipment for use with mining and construction prime movers for over 45 years. Those decades of experience are built into every Mega product; products that you can count on to stay on the job for decades. Our people take pride in their workmanship. This ensures you get a product that is built to last, not built to be the cheapest. Over the years we’ve continually refined our products, finding new ways to build them better and tougher.

In Mega’s history, we have made hundreds of different models of tanks, trailers, and service bodies, many which have been in service for over 20 years. Mega was founded on the principles of quality products and integrity driven service. You can see it in everyone that works here. We appreciate you and our products show it.

Genuine Mega Value

Reliable products are naturally long lived products and long lived products are worth more. Mega products are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers who not only require the ultimate in reliability and support, but who want the highest resale value when the equipment goes to market.