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Over-watering of haul roads has been the subject of increased study by mine planning and safety personnel. Many mines have improved their efficiency, lowered resource and equipment maintenance costs, and improved the safety of their working conditions by employing water conservation practices.
Safety: Excessive watering of roadways decreases effective tire traction, increases braking distances, destabilizes fill slopes, and accelerates erosion.  This places haulage truck operators at a higher risk of accidents. 


Water Waste: Water conservation is extremely important, particularly in drier climates where water is already a scarce and precious resource. Many governments have implemented strict regulations concerning water usage, and require mines to develop and adhere to a water conservation plan. 


Labor and Resources: Over-watered, eroding haul roads must be serviced and repaired more frequently. When using too much water, trucks are required to return to water fill stations more often. This wastes both fuel and man-hours as well as subjecting the over-watered roads to heavier traffic.


Tire Wear: Well-maintained haul roads will have a compacted top layer of fine-cushioning particles protecting tires from the larger coarse, sharp rocks below. Over-watering erodes this protective top layer, subjecting tires to severe wear by the exposed coarse rocks. This is costly in terms of tire replacement, lower production rates and higher labor hours. 
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Mega Solutions Will Help

Mega knows that every mine and construction site faces its own unique set of challenges, and that no single spray system configuration works for all applications.  To overcome this challenge, Mega spray systems are designed to be versatile in order to meet any application requirements.

Only Mega has the depth of experience and staff expertise to provide comprehensive water distribution solutions. Contact Product Support or Parts Sales to see how we can help you improve your water spray applications.

We understand that our most precious natural resources are limited, and water conservation is essential for reducing waste and creating safe road conditions.  Mega solutions incorporate efficient water usage methods and equipment.


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