Equipment Warranty

Equipment Warranty Policy

Mega warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months and unlimited hours. The warranty period begins on the In-Service date but no more than three (3) months after the product invoice date. Extended warranties, if applicable, are defined in the equipment order contract.

Mega requires the customer to complete the In-Service report and return it to Mega within 30 (thirty) days from the date the machine is placed into service.

Mega does not warrant malfunctions and failures resulting from misuse, negligence, alteration, accident, or lack of performing scheduled maintenance which includes replacement of service parts for normal wear. Warranty becomes null and void when the product is disassembled, welded-upon, or in any way materially altered without prior approval from Mega.


Mega Responsibilities

  • Provide installation manual with associated drawings install the delivered product correctly
  • Provide advice and suggested parts required to complete installation of our product on a chassis which has been modified or changed by manufacturer or customer
  • If a defect in material or workmanship is found during the warranty period, Mega will:
    • Provide new or remanufactured repair parts needed to correct the defect
    • Reimburse costs for reasonable and customary labor hours needed to correct the defect at Mega’s standard labor rate

Dealer Responsibilities

  • The customer is responsible for notifying Mega of missing or damaged parts upon receipt of delivered product.
  • Confirm In-Service date (via the In-Service report) to Mega.
  • Contact Mega for authorization prior to performing repairs
  • Provide labor and parts for changes made to chassis structural, hydraulic or electrical systems by the manufacturer or customer
  • Give timely notice of a warrantable failure and promptly making the product available for repair
  • Costs to investigate complaints, unless the problem is caused by a defect in Mega materials or workmanship
  • Allow Mega access to any electronically stored data relevant to the warranted product’s application
  • Costs associated with transporting the product or warranty item to the place of repair
  • Labor costs above and beyond as stated under “Mega Responsibilities”
  • Travel mileage, travel labor, and related travel expenses
  • Premium or overtime labor costs
  • Cost of auxiliary equipment to perform the repair
  • Local taxes, if applicable
  • Provide standard shop supplies
  • Performance of required maintenance and replacement of service parts for normal wear
  • All items replaced must be returned to Mega, freight pre-paid, by the customer unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties
  • Items replaced under this warranty become the property of Mega


Warranty will be void or limited under the following conditions:

  • Cracking in weld or base metal of structure caused by damage or abuse
  • In-Service report not returned to Mega at time of product commissioning
  • Unauthorized repairs, adjustments or modifications to structures and control systems during warranty period
  • Any use or installation that Mega judges improper
  • Attachment of accessory items and parts not sold by Mega
  • User’s delay in making the product available for inspection or modification after being notified of a potential problem
  • Failure to return parts as described on Return Material Authorization (RMA)


Both internal and external tank coatings are designed to resist corrosion. Due to various environmental conditions encountered, tank coatings are not warranted to prevent corrosion for any specified period of time. Interior coating requires periodic preventative maintenance to maintain corrosion inhibiting properties.


Mega products provided in kit form are designed for field assembly/installation and are covered under the terms of this warranty with the following provisions:

Installation–Technical manuals with drawings are intended to assist the dealer/customer with installation. Mega Product Support may be contacted for additional assistance if required. Charges may apply for this service.

Parts–Mega supplied parts required for field installation will be in the field installation parts kit. There may be parts that are expected to be supplied by the customer to complete installation. Mega–supplied parts will be detailed in the technical manuals and packing list.

Product Interface With Chassis–Mega kit tanks are designed to fit the chassis in its standard configuration. It is to be expected that some assembly and welding will be performed to complete the installation of the kit to the chassis including but not limited to location and welding of mounting points, shimming of body pads, and location of hydraulic system mounting points

Hydraulic System–Mega kit tanks are designed to work with a specific model chassis serial number. Every effort is made to provide the finished hose assemblies required for installation of the hydraulic system to the chassis. In some cases, kits will contain bulk hose and fittings that will require final fabrication and assembly during field installation and is not warrantable. Changes to the standard chassis by a manufacturer or customer affecting installation of the Mega kit design must be corrected by the dealer/customer.


Tractors, truck chassis and associated components provided by Mega as a portion of its product are covered by the equipment manufacturer’s warranty. Copies of these warranties are available from the Mega Warranty Administration department. Claims for defects in materials and workmanship for this portion of the product must be sent directly to the equipment manufacturer. Mega Product Support and Warranty Administration personnel are available to assist in this process.


  • Contact Mega Product Support for approval and authorized repair procedures. All repairs during the warranty period must be approved by Mega to maintain warranty coverage
  • Perform authorized repair and provide documentation in a work order
  • Complete and submit the claim from the Mega website with the following support documents:
    • Work order or Proforma with work description, labor hours and parts used
    • Supporting failure analysis with description, pictures, measurements and conditions
  • Claim form must be received by Mega within 90 days of the failure to be considered.
  • Invoices submitted for parts and labor will not be considered for warranty coverage.

PARTS RETURN–Parts may only be returned for warranty credit or replacement with prior approval from Mega via a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Contact Mega for RMA number and instructions. All returned parts are subject to evaluation prior to credit approval.

PAYMENT OF CLAIMS–Payment of all warranty claims and parts returns are made by credit to the customer account. All warranty credits expire after one (1) year and are not reimbursable by check.

Forms You Will Need

To make a standard equipment claim, complete and submit the following forms to the warranty administrator.

  • Warranty Form - Submitted by dealers to claim warranty work performed on Mega equipment.

  • In-Service Report - Submitted by dealers when the unit is placed in service.




Mega Warranty Administrator
Norm Redenshek

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