Equipment Warranty

Equipment Warranty Policy

Mega warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the time the unit is first placed into service. Mega does not warrant malfunctions and failures resulting from misuse, negligence, alteration, accident, or lack of performing scheduled maintenance services. Additionally, the Mega warranty does not include the replacement of maintenance items made in connection with normal wear items, travel mileage, travel labor, or related travel expenses such as meals or lodging.

Mega requires the customer to complete the In-Service Report and return it to Mega within 30 days from the date the machine is placed in service. If you do not file an In-Service Report, your warranty will expire one year from the original invoice date.

This warranty becomes null and void if the product is disassembled, welded-upon, or in any way materially altered without prior approval from Mega. Items replaced under this warranty become the property of Mega. All items replaced must be returned to Mega at the expense of the customer.

Kits for Field Installation

Mega products provided in kit form are designed for field installation and are covered under the terms of this warranty with the following provisions:

  • Installation –Mega will provide a basic set of drawings for use with installation of products delivered in kit form. These drawings are intended to assist the customer with installation. Mega Product Support may be contacted for additional assistance if required. Charges may apply for this service.
  • Parts –Mega parts kits contain parts necessary for field installation. There may be additional parts required that are the responsibility of the customer. Packing lists are supplied with each kit. The customer is responsible for notifying Mega of missing or damaged parts upon receipt.
  • Product Interface With Chassis –Mega equipment is designed to fit the chassis in its standard configuration. Some assembly and welding will be required to complete the product installation, including but not limited to location and welding of mounting points, shimming of body pads, and location of hydraulic system mounting points.
  • Hydraulic System –Equipment kits are designed to work with a specific model chassis. Not all hydraulic lines may be cut to length and finished.  Some may require custom fitting during field installation. Labor to perform this is not covered under warranty. Every effort is made to provide the fittings required for installation of the hydraulic system to the chassis.  If changes made by the chassis manufacturer without our knowledge require changes in fittings, hoses, and method of installation, Mega's warranty is limited to providing technical information to complete the installation of the hydraulic system.

Protective Coatings

Although coatings are designed to resist corrosion, extreme environmental conditions may impact corrosion resistance.  Mega warrants protective coatings to be of the proper type and quality for general equipment use. Interior coatings require periodic preventative maintenance to maintain corrosion inhibiting properties.

Mega-Supplied Prime Movers

Tractors, truck chassis and associated components provided by Mega as a portion of its product are covered by the equipment manufacturer’s warranty. Copies of these warranties are available from the Mega Warranty Administration department. Claims for defects in materials and workmanship for this portion of the product must be sent directly to the equipment manufacturer. Mega Product Support and Warranty Administration personnel are available to assist in this process.

Warranty Repairs and Parts Return –Warranty repairs and parts return require prior Mega approval to maintain warranty coverage.  Warranty claims must be filed and received by Mega within 90 days of the failure to be considered for compensation. Parts may only be returned for warranty credit or replacement via a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Returned parts are subject to evaluation prior to credit approval.  Contact Mega Product Support for assistance.

Payment of Claims –Payment of warranty claims and parts returns are made by credit to the customer account.

Forms You Will Need

To make a standard equipment claim, complete and submit the following forms to the warranty administrator.

  • Warranty Form - Submitted by dealers to claim warranty work performed on Mega equipment.

  • In-Service Report - Submitted by dealers when the unit is placed in service.




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