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Mega Hydraulic Water Cannon Kit

When you need to add, replace, or upgrade a water cannon system, Mega's water cannon kits are the ideal solution. The base kit for our Mega Hydraulic Water Cannon kit includes: hydraulic water cannon, installation manual, hydraulic control valve, electrical cabling & hydraulic hosing, mounting flanges.

The base kit does not include a butterfly valve or joystick control box, however these parts may be ordered separately to complete the kit for customer specifications. If needed, please order either or both of the two parts below along with the Mega Hydraulic Water Cannon Kit Part No. 045026. Nozzle not included. Please look at our nozzle section to purchase a nozzle.  Please call Mega part sales at 505-345-2661 if you have for any questons or inquiries.

  • Part Number: 045026
  • Category: Monitors and Monitor Parts
  • Qty Available: 4

  • $11,748.81

Parts Breakdown

Click to view this product's components:  Mega Hydraulic Water Cannon Kit (Parts Breakdown)