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Mega Water Cannon, Electric, Remote, 24 VDC

The stainless steel Mega Electric Water Cannon is compatible with any water tank that has a 24 VDC power source available. The Water Cannon is directed by a logic box, which receives command signals from either the Mega cab control system joystick or a stand alone joystick box. The electric water cannon is rated for up to 450 psi hydraulic pressure, 200 psi water pressure, and has a reach of up to 200 ft/61 m (using the straight bore nozzle with stream shaper).
  • 24 VDC motors
  • Stainless steel waterway
  • 450 PSI Drive Motors
  • 2.5 inch waterway
  • Severe duty construction
  • Wear resistant polymer bearings
  • Heavy duty shafts & gears
  • 1/2 gpm hydraulic motor flow at 500 psi
  • Part Number: 304652
  • Category: Monitors and Monitor Parts
  • Qty Available: 6

  • $8,242.50

Parts Breakdown

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