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Mega Stainless Steel Hydraulic Spray Head Valve, 3 inch

Mega developed and patented its spray heads in 1976 and has continually been improving them ever since. The Mega stainless steel hydraulic spray head is optimized for use in the most severe environments.  This spray head can be used in the most corrosive applications and is suitable for any heavy equipment prime mover. Mega also offers Mega Aluminum Hydraulic Spray Head, 3 inch version of this spray head.

Please call Mega part sales at 505-345-2661 if you have for any questions or inquiries. This spray head replaces Part No. 042290.

  • Complete Stainless Steel
  • Actuated by a long life double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Unparalleled durability in the most severe conditions
  • No air supply is required
  • Only fully stainless steel spray head available industry wide
  • Part Number: 047062
  • Category: Spray Heads
  • Qty Available: 24

  • $1,125.00

Parts Breakdown

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